How to Play Roulette: Strategy and Tricks

Although many novice players assume Roulette is a rather complicated game, it is in fact one of the more popular and easier table games available at many reputable online casinos.

The nature of the game is simple and easy to grasp, making it an ideal game for both amateur and expert players. Here is where you can learn how to play roulette game before taking on the tables, saving money and honing skills to an expert level.

How to Play Roulette?

Roulette is a game of chance that consists of a dice and a wheel that displays red and black numbers otherwise labelled as odds and evens. The player’s aim is to roll the dice in the spinning wheel and calculate the outcome of where the dice will land.

Players can predict from either what number the dice will fall on, what color the dice will land on, whether the number is even or odd and finally whether the number is high or low.

Not only can players bet on these factors, but because the board is divided into three, players can also bet on the first dozen, the second dozen or the third dozen.

This roulette board is present and is numbered from 1 to 36 and either one zero or a double zero, depending on the roulette version that is being played. It is divided into 3 sections; hence the option to bet the first to second dozen.

Players bet by placing chips on the colored number they believe the ball, otherwise known as the pill, will land on.

The chip is placed on the square of the board which is a colored number, or players can place the chip on the middle of the lines or on the border which make bets on a combination of numbers that the chip lies on.

Betting on even or odds means that players are betting on 18 of the numbers in the category they have chosen, which substantially increases winning chances but also slims down payouts.

By betting on the first, second or third dozen, players are betting on 12 numbers within those ranges all at once. Once the bets have been placed, players will choose the option to spin the wheel where the pill will eventually land on the winning number and colour.

If the player’s prediction was correct, payouts will be awarded as to what the bet was based on.

How to Play Roulette Game: Strategies and Tips

Players cannot predict the outcome of the game but they can learn how to play roulette game using a few strategies and tips to improve the outcome of their game.

Quality Casinos

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Free Roulette Games

Free casino games not only give players an opportunity to explore the game without losing any real cash but they can teach players how to play roulette game in a comfortable environment, making roulette all the more appealing.

Bet Small

Learning how to play roulette game may be tempting to bet large and hope that lady luck is on your side, but it is wisest to place initial smaller bets to better understand the game without losing too much cash.

That’s not to say players won’t be lucky, but rather cautiously exercise beginners luck safely.

Learning how to play roulette using these few tricks will increase player’s chances of winning substantially. Even though it’s a game of chance, skillful choices enhance gaming performance and as a result players enjoy the game in a much more relaxed environment.

Learn how to play roulette game today and expand your gaming preferences.