Bitcoin Debit Cards in India

Bitcoin has fast taken the world by storm. It is becoming an increasingly popular method of payment across the globe and different countries are adopting this method as one of their leading payment methods.

India is fortunately one of the countries that allows bitcoin debit card India transactions. This means that users can benefit from all the perks that bitcoin has to offer.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of money used to make and receive payments. It is a digital currency that works without a bank, cutting taxes and additional costs out of all transactions used with bitcoin.

Transactions are immediate from one bitcoin wallet to another, making it one of the fastest methods of payment to date. Bitcoin is reflective as BTC when it comes to transacting.

Bitcoin Debit Card India

A bitcoin debit card is the same as a regular debit card, but rather than containing money, it contains BTC which is a monetary currency. Where you see the VISA accepted method of payment, the bitcoin debit card can be used.

The site from which it can be ordered is known as Cryptopay and this site can be used to turn bitcoin back into cash currency. There are a number of trusted sites that can be used to transfer the currency, but it is up to the user to ensure that these sites are legitimate.

How to Get a Bitcoin Debit Card in India

India is adopting this form of payment because it is both safe and secure. Many online casinos are also accepting the bitcoin debit card and in some cases online casinos only accept bitcoin.

To take part of this initiative players can order their bitcoin debit card and upon receiving it, can begin making payments where it is accepted. The bitcoin debit card is a prepaid card and upon ordering players can select the currency in which they wish to receive their card.

There are international ATM fees which differ depending on the country where you live. Additionally, there are VISA fees and are usually not that high in value. The fee is displayed on the site of purchase so that users know exactly how much they are paying.

There are no hidden costs, but there is a cost to buying a bitcoin debit card in India as well as a shipping fee. The arrival of the card is pretty fast so that users can instantly begin using it.

Why Bitcoin Debit Card?

Bitcoin debit cards are safe and secure, as they provide users with a cheaper way of spending cash and are simple to use. An increased number of online vendors are accepting these cards as forms of payment, thus increasing the bitcoin debit card usage.

The bitcoin card is also used to transfer the BTC currency into any other bitcoin wallet. The exact amount of withdrawals are used in the currency of which users need to make payment, so no cash is lost through a bitcoin debit card transaction.

Loading the card is basically free and users can withdraw cash at ATM’s worldwide. By using a bitcoin card, no cash transferals need to be placed beforehand which makes cash transactions easier and faster.

As bitcoin debit cards can be used at ATM’s worldwide there are no exchange rates which make it an affordable method of payment as well as safe. Users needn’t carry cash on them as all their funds are protected by security which denies any fraudulent activity.

Bitcoin Casinos

Due to the popularity of bitcoin, many online casinos are designed to only accept bitcoin as a form of payment. All winnings earned during gaming can be cashed out into the bitcoin debit card which is more convenient as winnings are paid out faster.

Having a bitcoin card in India allows users to play at exclusive bitcoin casinos, extending the variety of games as well as available casinos. These casinos offer a wide range of games that can be thoroughly enjoyed with the knowledge that winnings are easily processed and paid out quickly.

The advantage of bitcoin casinos is that unlike other online casinos that accept numerous methods of payment, there is only one which is bitcoin. This further narrows down any additional fees that users may encounter were they using a different form of deposits and cash withdrawals.

 Many online banking methods charge various fees, depending on the method chosen players may need to pay higher fees. However, bitcoin comes with minimal fees and transactions are almost instant.

Although the process of withdrawing winnings should be fairly fast, different bitcoin casinos charge different rates. For players located in India, the bitcoin debit card will provide a fast and efficient way to transfer necessary funds at any given time.

The amount of bitcoin casinos, which are exclusive to the method of BTC payment, are growing at a fast rate and proactive users can benefit from a variety of choice. BTC casinos are also more trusted as payments and withdrawals are untraced and provide the safety and security players need to keep all sensitive information private.

Leading Casino Software Brands

Some of the best software gaming providers have taken to the concept of providing a bitcoin debit card in India. , iSoftBet and Amatic are just to name a few that have designed top casino games which bitcoin users can play exclusively using their BTC currency.

Top casino games such as slots, video poker, Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack and other famous table games can be enjoyed at top online casinos that accept the bitcoin debit card, so players will never have to miss out.

For safe and secure gaming, protection and security and for a top gaming experience, play using a bitcoin debit card in India and join hundreds of online casinos that have adopted this method of payment.

Cut expenses and avoid additional fees, enjoy a more convenient way of gaming and benefit from the hundreds of bitcoin casinos available to modern users. Bitcoin debit cards are easy to order, ensure faster transactions and one of the most preferred methods of payments across the globe.

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